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Sean Annis

Sean Annis – Dishwashing Specialist

Colton Smith

Colton Smith – General Manager-Cumberland Location

Brewing assistant by day and cook by night. I am responsible for all the tasks in the brewery that the brewmaster refuses to do like cleaning tanks, cleaning kegs, packing and stacking freshly canned beer. If it’s a dirty job in the brewery, I’m probably the man doing it! Then like Superman I change my cape, cap & shoes to fly into the kitchen to cook and do more cleaning. I’m also the founder and CEO of Beef River Fly company. When I don’t have dishpan hands, you can find me outside hunting and fishing.

Kenzie Lantz

Kenzie Lantz (Tater) – Operations Manager

My name is Kenzie but everyone calls me “Tater”, I’m the little Sean of the business but I show up for work.  Outside of work I’m sleeping or hanging out with my cat Carl.

Taya Espeseth

Taya Espeseth(TayTay) – Food Export Tech/Tapster

I my job title says I’m a runner, but I’m so much more. I have taken on the task of being the “OFFICAL” take out order queen and helping behind the bar. I also decided to taking on cooking. I’m just a Taya of all trades you can say! When not out on the restaurant floor, I’m probably in back helping the kitchen guys, working off-site catering jobs or doing whatever other random jobs need to be done. Besides working at Northwoods, I work as a CNA. I also like to longboard.

Chance Smith

Chance Smith ( Chauncey) – Food Export Tech

I’m 15yrs old. Little brother of Colton Smith.  I enjoy spending time with friends, snowboarding, and playing baseball.

Logan Smith

Logan Smith – Tapster

My name is Logan and I’m a tapster here at Northwoods. When not at work or school, I like doing stuff outdoors and working on motor vehicles.

Maraya Espeseth

Maraya Espeseth – Food Export Tech – Both Locations

I’m Maraya Espeseth. I’m a student at Chippewa Falls High School. My favorite animal is a cat, and I have 3 cats plus one dog.  (I’m Sean’s favorite)


Lilly Kufner

Lilly Kufner – Food Export Tech

 Hi I'm Lilly. I'm a junior at Osseo-Fairchild High school. I'm in track and apart of our schools student counsil.
Outside of school I really enjoy hanging out with my friends and...thats pretty much it.😉


Cora Flottum

Cora Flottum – Food Export Tech – Cumberland Location

Hi! I’m Cora, I’m 16 years old.  I enjoy anything music related, reading and camping/traveling!